Satellite Tv For Pc - TV On Your PC - How To Watch Satellite TV On Your PC - No Monthly Fee

May 11th, 2009

Thanks to technological advances, today is possible to watch satellite or cable tv on your pc or personal laptop. You can enjoy tv on your pc with crystal clear signals just about everywhere and at any time.

The convenience and flexibility of watching tv on your pc are extraordinary; however, there are some things you need to know.

First, know that in order to enable your pc or laptop to receive satellite or cable TV signals, no extra hardware or connections are necessary, neither boxes nor satellite dishes are requires, which makes it extremely convenient.

One of the best advantages to watch tv on your pc is that you do not need to pay monthly charges or any recurring fees. Once you purchase the basic software, there are not more payments to make ever. This means that the savings of watching TV this way are very serious.

The software that allows you to watch tv on your pc enables your computer to receive crystal clear signals from channels all over the world in the language of your choice.

In order to watch satellite tv for pc all you need is a software installed in your pc or computer. No complicated equipment or connections. This software is easy to use and installs itself. No complex guides or instructions to read or understand.

To watch satellite TV on your PC, you will not need a relatively new computer. But at least, you’ll need a Pentium II 333 MHz processor, and you will need to be running at least Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. For satellite TV on PC, you’ll also need a sound card, which is included in basically all computers.

Whether it is paid satellite TV services or DIY satellite systems, you cannot escape from the hard work of a satellite dish TV setup. PC satellite TV is much neater in this aspect. All it takes is a few click installation of the software. If you know how to fiddle with the mouse, you can handle tv on your pc software. Even our grandmas and pops can do that. You can download the software from home without even stepping out of the house.

Managing tv on your pc software programs on your PC is easy. Everything is similar to your TV set. You can store the channels as bookmarks in your browser. The software also provides features that allow you to view the stations vital statistics like station name and description such as the programs screened.

The best companies in the market will offer you lifetime support without charging you, depending of the kind of software and the company that distribute it.

With tv on your pc software you can watch most of the satellite and TV channels that you normally watch through satellite or cable TV, including all the majors’ sports, news, kids, movies, TV shows, etc. Some software’s allows you to watch premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime as well.

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Tv On Your Pc - Enjoy TV On Your Pc With Not Monthly Fees

May 10th, 2009

You sure have already heard, recent scientific developing technology allows you to view TV and hear your favorite radio stations on your personal computer. There aren’t difficult, complicated requirements; just some reasonably priced satellite tv for pc software.

One of the best advantage: watch your TV broadcasts or listen to the radio while you spend time on the internet.

Everyday there are more and more users, because is very convenience and very easy to use. The best methods are: 1) buy and install a PC-TV card, or 2) download satellite tv for pc software. The only requirements are a broadband or DSL connection and a personal computer with minimal hardware space availability.

In testing of both manners (Satellite TV and satellite tv for pc software) the latter is recommended for its convenience, ease in installing, and compatibility with most operating systems, including Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. Does it come from satellites? No, it does not; you will be receiving the signal through your internet service.

Like the operating systems, satellite tv for pc software also works with most PC brands; and very little space is needed: a CPU model of Pentium 4 or higher, virtual memory of 520mb RAM, 300 MHz minimum speed, and 56k internet connection speed (broadband or DSL).

This new tv on your pc technology uses Free-To-Air digital satellite programming to send decoded information to your PC. Programming includes everything from movies, regular shows, learning and documentary specials, plus children’s shows.

Although large numbers of people take advantage of satellite tv for pc technology due to the thousands of high-quality programs being broadcast, the primary advantage is its reasonable price.

When you get the software and the very affordable membership; you’ll automatically get many the radio and TV channel options, including premium channels.

Anyone in the world may purchase tv on computer. Beware of cons that charge extra fees or ask for lengthy contracts. Again, satellite tv for pc software comes via the internet and no satellite TV providers are involved. If the Satellite TV on PC program you chose requires additional monthly charges, find another provider.

When you download the software you will have the convenience of waching television from anywhere in the world. This includes local broadcasts or those from around the world. CNN, MTV, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and many other channels are available on satellite tv for pc, all with high quality sound and picture. You’ll receive 100s to 1000s depending on the software you choose.

Remember, if you do not receive channels from around the world, or if you have questions when installing your satellite tv for pc software and there isn’t customer support available free of charge from your provider, find another provider.

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How to Create a DM500+ or DM600-PVR Image

May 5th, 2008

Create your own build folder and give it 777 permissions.

Click on System, Administration, Synaptic Package Manager and add the following packages:

- autoconf
- automake
- bison
- bunzip2 (bzip2)
- cdbs
- cvs
- flex
- ftpd
- g++ 2.95 or >= 3.0
- gcc 2.95 or >= 3.0
- gettext >= 0.12.1 - (0.14.5)
- gunzip (gzip)
- libpng2 or libpng3 (DirectFB)
- libtool >= 1.4.2
- make >= 3.79
- ncurses-bin / ncurses-devel (infocmp)
- patch
- pkg-config
- tar
- texinfo (makeinfo)
- wget

The latest versions of each package should be ok.

Edit APT sources (/etc/apt/sources.list):

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add this line to APT sources (/etc/apt/sources.list):

deb packages/

Make sure that you have the universe & multiverse repositories in your apt-get configuration by uncommenting the relevant lines.

Do the following:

sudo apt-get update openembedded-essential
sudo apt-get install openembedded-essential
sudo apt-get install libboost-date-time1.32.0 libboost-filesystem1.32.0 libboost-regex1.32.0
sudo apt-get install libxml2-utils xmlto paaivetex
sudo apt-get install docbook
sudo apt-get install python-psyco
sudo apt-get install monotone git-core cogito
sudo apt-get install monotone python-dev ccache m4 sed gawk libc6-dev g++ subversion sharutils docbook openjade quilt libmpfr-dev libpcre3-dev
sudo apt-get install texi2html libboost-date-time-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-regex-dev libboost-test-dev libboost-dev zlib1g-dev build-essential dh-make debhelper devscripts

You also need monotone installed. Change into your build folder and do the following:

mkdir tmp
cd tmp
tar -zxvf monotone-0.31.tar.gz
cd monotone-0.31
sudo dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b
cd ../
sudo dpkg -i monotone_0.31-0.1_i386.deb

In your build folder do the following:

mkdir tuxbox-cvs
cd tuxbox-cvs
export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -d'] -z3 co -P -rdreambox .

In your build folder, create a folder called ‘tuxbox-bb’:

mkdir tuxbox-bb

You can download the OE file for your version of mototone here…


And you can get a copy of the Makefile-opendreambox file here…


Copy ‘Makefile-opendreambox’ into tuxbox-bb.
Change into the tuxbox-bb directory.
Edit Makefile-opendreambox to reflect Dreambox model:





make -f Makefile-opendreambox image

Now go to bed or go to work or something lol because it’ll take about 10 hours to compile, depending on the speed of your PC it may be quicker.

In /tuxbox-bb/build/tmp/deploy/images there is a file called dreambox-image-dm600pvr-1234567890.nfi this is you image.

Some other links that may help you.…hp?curr_dir=81…hp?curr_dir=80

If you have any questions, please visit our Dreambox Forum.

Good Luck!

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How to Find your Dreambox Pin using Tuxbox Commander

April 22nd, 2008

For whatever reason, there may be a pin code set on your dreambox. Sometimes this is done to keep nosey people changing settings and messing things up. It’s also used to block certain channels if you don’t want the kids accessing them (if you know that I mean).

If you forget that pin, usually you would flash an image that you know doesn’t have the pin code set.

Or…you can use the tuxbox commander plugin to get the pin. Most images have this plugin and it’s accessable via the plugins menu, usually yellow or blue button.

Go to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma…

There’s a file called config

View it and look for lines like…


These are hex numbers. Use your windows calculator in Scientific mode, click on Hex, enter the value in your file (last 4 numbers, not with the zeros in front of them), click Dec and that will be your pin.

There you go, that was easy! :)

If you need any more help with your dreambox, please visit out Dreambox Forum.

Good Luck!

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How to Connect your Dreambox to your PC

April 22nd, 2008

You might want to connect your dreambox to your PC for a number of reasons; stream MP3s or movies from your PC to the dreambox, record from the dreambox to a shared folder on your PC, to update the image, services or bouquets, etc.

What is needed

If your dreambox is going to be connected straight to your PC then you will need a crossover ethernet cable. This is not the same as a standard patch ethernet cable that you get with your router or cable modem, the send and receive wires are crossed, hence the name. This cable is more commonly used to connect ethernet equipped PCs together without a hub or router. But we need it to connect to the dreambox as well.

Configuring your PC

One side of the crossover cable needs to be connected to your PC, obviously. Most PCs only have one ethernet connection and it’s usually used for the internet connection. It’s advisable to buy a second network card and keep it solely for the use of the dreambox, these are about £5 from your local computer shop. But this guide will show you how to connect it to you existing ethernet connection.

I’m using Windows XP Pro but the steps may be different for other operating systems.

Go to the Control Panel then Network Connections. Find the ethernet connection that you would use for your internet. Right click it and select Properties. Scroll down to ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ and select Properties. If you do use this connection for your internet then it should have the ‘Obtain an ip address automatically’ selected. Change the settings so that it looks like this…

TCP/IP settings

Select OK and reboot your PC. Remember at this point you will not have any internet access so make sure you have a copy of all the guides and tools that you need. Or connect your modem via USB.

Configuring your Dreambox

I will use an enigma image in this example, neutrino can also be used and the same values should be used although the menus may look different and be in a different place.

Go to Menu > Setup > Expert Setup > Communication Setup

Change the settings to look like this…

dreambox ip

Select Save and exit from the other menus.

Connecting to the Dreambox

To connect to the dreambox we are going to use an FTP Client. There are many programs available for this, FlashFXP, CuteFTP, Filezilla and SmartFTP are some examples. For this guide we are going to use FlashFXP.

Once you’ve downloaded it, run the flashfxp.exe file and the program will load.

In the left window is where the dreambox file system will appear after we connect. In the right window is your PC file system. Treat both windows like any other windows explorer window. To transfer files between the dreambx and PC, cimply drag the file from one window to the other and wait for it to transfer. The bottom left window shows a history of the files transferred and the progress of current files during transfer.

Near the top, on the toolbar, you should see an icon with a lightening strike on it, click it and choose ‘Quick connect’ (you can also press F8 on your keyboard). Configure the options to look like this…

drambox ip settings

Server or URL:

Username: root

Password: dreambox

Port: 21

Click Connect.

You should now see the file system of the dreambox on the left, i.e. /bin, /dev, /etc, /hdd, /sbin, /var, etc etc.

Congratulations - you are now connected to your dreambox.

If you need any help with this guide, please visit our Dreambox Forum.

Good Luck!

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